About OFC
Established in 2014 by The Agency Design & Promo works, the OFC  has been created as a vehicle to help promote local clubs and local martial artists demonstrate their abilities in their respective sport in a structured and disciplined environment.  With the support of its international affiliations OFC aims to act as a catalyst to promote local talent in the international arena. 

OFC is open to all clubs in Oman and will initially cover the following disciplines: K1 Kickboxing, Boxing and Muay Thai.  In the future we plan to incorporate Ju Jitsu, Wrestling, Capoeira and full MMA bouts in our showcase - in conjunction with the support of the respective local clubs.

The Agency Design & Promo works instated the OFC and its events to be fully sanctioned by professional martial arts federations, and places qualified, international and independent officials for each event.

The Agency Design & Promo works established the OFC as self-funded and run purely for the benefit of the local community by dedicated volunteers and associates. The entire cost of running the OFC is borne entirely by our own fund raising efforts.